StarDrone Review

Within a week, StarDrone earned its place as one of the greatest Move games released. So far, StarDrone is the only Move-compatible game that allows me to use the standard PlayStation controller, while convincing me that I wouldn’t want to anyway.

Making their PlayStation 3 debut, Beatshapers has developed a game that compares to classic games and accomplished what many developers have trouble with: making a game feel nostalgic yet new. StarDrone is the Move-compatible lovechild of the classic 1970s video game Asteroids and hit PlayStation Network game, Shatter.

With the PlayStation Move, StarDrone becomes your ordinary point-and-click game, allowing the player to use the Move as a cursor and click on objects to swing the drone around debris and threats to travel across the galaxy. Your goal is to collect stars and break asteroids in order to rid the galaxy of evil in this Pinball-esque space game. While the first few levels start out simple, the later levels quickly turn StarDrone into a puzzle game forcing you to make it through seemingly impossible lanes and reaching your goals.

Threats like spikes and bombs can be rather frustrating at times, but the biggest threat in the game is simply drifting off into space which can happen very often when there are very few objects to latch onto, making the game incredibly linear. A lack of diversty between levels is a serious blow to the game making gameplay repetitive after the first five levels. Orb Games has done an exceptional job with the title’s 2D visuals. However, with the levels’ similarity to one another, the backgrounds are virtually alike.

In the end, StarDrone is definitely worth the money. You can purchase StarDrone off the PlayStation Network for $7.99 or $4.00 if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

The Good

  • Very enjoyable
  • Beautiful visuals
  • My favorite PlayStation Move game
  • This can be your “quick fix” game

The Bad

  • Gameplay can get repetitive
  • No variety in level design
  • Some levels are over-the-top frustrating