So, How About That Deus Ex: Human Revolution Demo

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is just around the corner. So when are we getting a demo? Let’s find out!


Speaking with Sqaure-Enix representative Matt Frary today, I asked whether or not gamers will be able to download a demo of Human Revolution before buying. This is what I was told:

We currently do not have plans for a demo for DX:HR.  If plans change, I will let you know.

Whatever dreams you have of downloading a Deus Ex demo: crushed with two clear sentences. If you’re on the fence of buying this or not, let me push you off by saying that this game is a serious contender for game of the year.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will hit store shelves on August 23rd.

  • chuck

    i just downloaded the leaked beta for my pc, its a really good game. its definately a potential goty. i just hope they add motion blur and make it easier to get ammo, those are the only things bothering me right now. it’s only an early build so alot could change when its finally released

  • jack

    kinda disappointed by the journalistic value of this article. it was almost immorally misleading and not appreciated. i was even forced to feel compelled to write this comment which made me waste even more time than the stupid article did.

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    The game is good people, I didn’t like this type of games before but I liked this one! the beta rules but as Chuck said before, motion blur would be awesome! I hope it’s not to expensive ’cause I have it in my to buy list ;P

  • Curlee

    This is one big reason piracy is common. Especially for pc gamers, should they not be able to try the game out on their pc to see if it will perform ok before they buy? Game companies have no respect for us, so why should we have respect for them?

  • erantholris

    im a PC Gamer , but i’d redbox this for PS3 for a night before i pay 50$ to find out if i like it or not

  • sue

    They r suing the journalists that leaked this beta. With without I would have never bought purchased this game.
    Werking in the industry myself I have to admit that the consensus is that:
    “no games that would have been purchased are pirated in number that matters”
    Is a self defensive lie.
    Until recently I would never agree that it is a lie.
    But the rational lately some use to justify piracy is becoming loony.
    There needs to be some compassion to the army of drones working overtime throgh bloodshot eyes with no overtime only to lose their jobs.
    The enemies are easy enuff… but then who do we support with are dollars? ( alot of games deserve to be bought )
    Last time I remember such piracy support working was during the call to: “buy OS 8″. Which may very well have saved apple from going down the toilet. ( One can argue that if that call was not so loud and prevalent within the warez community that Gil Amelio would never have survived long enuff to pass the keys back to Jobs )
    If not leading to the demise of Apple @ least making the i-chain reaction more viable at the time. ( good or bad depending on yer apple zealotry ).
    Either way. We have enuff enemies. We need a hero.

  • elbsightz

    #1 Every game should have a playable demo. If the game developer does not have confidence in their game to have a demo, then don’t sell the game.
    I hate to spend $50 plus just to find out I hate the gameplay/etc. We gamers have to take a chance on every game we buy.

    #2 To all developers who make a game for PC but use Console graphics/gameplay for the PC version then Shame on You!
    Example, Gameplay: Crysis 2 would have been much better on the PC if they used the same way to select power, speed, strength, cloak. But NO they made 2 powers automatic, so if my bar is down and I try to run bc I am getting shot at then too bad, all I can do is walk. In Crysis 1 then I could run with no power bar but no quick. Hopefully someone reads this b4 making Crysis 3.

  • Mario

    PC Gamer aare the best :P