Updated WWE ’12 Profiles Include Triple H and…Stone Cold, Stone Cold, The Rattlesnake, Stone Cold!

The new wave of WWE ’12 profile updates feature the current WWE COO and the most beer-swelling, foul mouthed son of a bitch to ever step in the ring.

Triple H

  • HEIGHT: 6′ 4″
  • WEIGHT: 225 pounds
  • FROM: Greenwich, Conn.
  • SIGNATURE MOVE: Pedigree
  • FIRST WWE GAME: WWE In Your House
  • CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: WWE Champion; World Heavyweight Champion; Intercontinental Champion; Unified WWE Tag Team Champion; World Tag Team Champion; European Champion; King of the Ring (1997); Royal Rumble winner (2002)
  • Overall Game Rating: 94

Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • HEIGHT: 6-foot-2
  • WEIGHT: 252 pounds
  • FROM: Victoria, Texas
  • SIGNATURE MOVE: Stone Cold Stunner
  • CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: WWE Champion; Intercontinental Champion; World Tag Team Champion; King of the Ring (1996); Royal Rumble winner (1997, 1998, 2001); WCW U.S. Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion; WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2009
  • Overall Game Rating: 95

Vladimir Kozlov

  • HEIGHT: 6′ 8″
  • WEIGHT: 302 pounds
  • FROM: Moscow, Russia
  • SIGNATURE MOVE: The Iron Curtain
  • FIRST WWE GAME: WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010
  • CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: WWE Tag Team Champion; 2005 USA Open Heavyweight Sambo Champion; United States Kickboxing Association International Heavyweight Grappling Champion; former member of Ukranian national football team
  • Overall Game Rating: 80

Santino Marella

  • WEIGHT: 227 pounds
  • FROM: Calabria, Italy
  • FIRST WWE GAME: WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010
  • CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Intercontinental Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion
  • Overall Game Rating: 78

Interestingly enough, Vladimir Kozlov has been released from his contract earlier this month alongside Melina, Chris Masters and David Hart Smith. Out of the four, Kozlov is the only to make an appearance in WWE ’12.

[via WWE Games]