The Tester 3 | 12 People You Should Vote For

The PlayStation Network’s hit reality show is back for a third season. Casting has begun, only 12 would win. Here’s our picks!

SarahTheRebel | Sarah Rodriguez

Why do you need to vote for SarahTheRebel? Because if she were on the show, it’d be on like Donkey Kong,  jumpin’ like Mario, blazin’ like Spyro and her FemShep will never be blonde. That’s what she says in her kickass audition video, atleast. Being in the video game industry has been a dream of Sarah’s for awhile and she’s a determined young lady who believes being a Tester for SCEA will be the first step to being a game producer. She currently works in Public Relations and also hopes that her experience in that department can transfer well into SCEA. After watching her video, there’s no doubt that Sarah is down-to-earth and entertaining to watch (and look at).

HeyCheri | Sherilynn Macale

If you follow game personalities, journalists, developers and other key personnel on Twitter, HeyCheri is probably one of them. She’s done freelance writing for popular gaming websites such as G4TV and Destructoid but currently focuses on Tech and Social Media. Cheri has worked at gaming conventions for Ubisoft and at E3, so there’s no secret that she has some recognition and knowledge of the gaming industry, feats that many of the other Tester contesters lack.

delusionownzyou | Gus Mendoza

This isn’t Gus’s first time auditioning for the Tester. He didn’t make the cut last year, but this year he’s in it to win it. Gus has the competitive edge and mentality that only a winner can possess and that’s win at all costs. Like we’ve seen in the previous seasons of The Tester, alliances and friendships are formed quickly and sometimes the contestants will be forced to break up. For example: In The Tester Season 2, Gaymer, Scooter and Ches-ka teamed up to make sure that their friend, Mo Chocolate wouldn’t proceed into the final round. While it wasn’t their intention to turn on their friend from the very beginning, it seemed as though they wanted to win “together”. Once War Princess was eliminated, they said “We’ll win this for you”.
Delusionownzyou is here to kick ass and he doesn’t care whose ass it is. He’s made it clear that he will stab anyone in the back so long as he wins.

Barrin87 | Josh Pardee

John, here, is the ideal gamer. He enjoys all sorts of games, which is stated in his favorite PS games listed above. He also understands games and he shows that in one of his blog posts where he states that story is the most important part of any game and backs up his claim by saying how emotional Final Fantasy VII was (haters, be damned) and that something like that had never been done. He’s unbiased, uses his PlayStation Move as a microphone and he appreciates games to the point where he would love to see first-hand what a game production is like.

CrashedHope | Shannon Ford

  • Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
  • Favorite PlayStation Game(s): Uncharted 1+2, Infamous 1+2, Little Big Planet 1+2, Bioshock 1+2, Silent Hill, Siren: Blood Curse, Enslaved, Heavy Rain, MK9, MvC3, Alice, Catherine
  • Profile URL
  • Audition Video: n/a
  • Twitter: @crashedhope
Shannon is friends with War Princess (sweetheart from Season 2) and delusionownzyou (the guy above who said he’s betray anyone if need be). Originally, she wasn’t really planning to compete but has enough popularity to the point where her fans gave her enough support to make it to the fourth page, which is kind of a big feat considering how many contestants there are. Shannon stated that she cannot stand drama and is brutally honest to others as well as herself. She proved this by stating that she absolutely sucks at first person shooters. It’s ok, Shannon. Modern Warfare 3 has neat rewards for those who suck

aGIRL_BECTH | Kaila Nemoto

I don’t really like fanboys (or fangirls) but Kaila is an exception. Kaila is like me, in a sense. Video games were the only comfort and entertainment for me at home (because I’m the only child and I don’t watch anything on TV aside from Monday Night RAW). Kaila stated that she is a perfectionist and motivated to get things done and noted that she spent 3 days trying to play an Avenged Sevenfold song on Guitar Hero with 90+% note hits. She’s open-minded when it comes to video games but equally understands the fundamentals that must be kept and that’s the quality of the artwork and sound.

SpikePsyche | Jeffrey Collins-Harper

Perhaps the oldest contestant in the competition, Jeffrey is a 46 year old man living in Queens, New York and has been gaming since its conception in the 70s and learned how to program while in college. He’s gamed through all seven generations of gaming and has 400 video games on his shelves right now. And just because he’s been gaming for almost 40 years (wow, that’s a long time), doesn’t mean he’s some loner who sits at home all day. He has social skills, manages a restaurant and from the looks of his audition video, he’s a pretty down to earth guy. Even if he does shoot you…with a PlayStation Move Peripheral…and nukes your house…

BlockBTibz | Jose Toribio

Jose is currently a (legal) drug tester for child protective services in New York. So there’s one reason why he should be on the show because he actually “tests” for a living. He has a video game club and they run tournaments full of the best players in the East Coast. I’ve never heard of it but I’m a little excited that I haven’t been contacted. *Angry face*. He’s trying to pursue a career in gaming because he doesn’t want to be a drug tester for the rest of his life (because who does) but his mother recently retired and his father will retire soon and he will be left to pay off his late mother’s medical bills.

Robotros | Aron Roberts

At the moment, Aron is pursuing a career in Computer Science and works at Clima-Tech Inc. as an Infortmation Technology Specialist. He’s beta tested many PlayStation products such as PlayStation Home (haven’t we all?), Metal Gear Online, Resistance 2 and other games. He firmly believes that video games are similar to athletics and can keep troubled children occupied and off the streets and down a road of crime and drug abuse. He is an Major League Gaming competitor and has a clan and plans to have scholarships and sponsorships for clan members. His previous employments will make him an asset as a future employee.

Ernobili | Ernesto Jacinto Jr.

This man of 1,000 shirts loves gaming (and LOST) and is perhaps my favorite contestant because of the sense of humor displayed in his audition video. He’s full of energy, has the ability to block out all distractions and specializes in teamwork and communication and is a self-proclaimed natural leader. In his audition video, he mourns the death of his phat PS3, Dolores and has since found new love in the PS3 Slim or as he calls her, Eleanor. He admitted to have cheated on her with a console that shall not be named, but he is hoping to make it up to her by doing ridiculous stunts to make it on the Tester. If he’s determined enough to make walk into a mall dressed like a woman, I’m certain he has what it takes to be on the show. He also displays some gnarly jumping skills.

LizLaceration | Liz Potter

Why does Liz want to be Quality Assurance Tester? Because she knows how important the job is and wants to help make a game run as smoothly as possible. Like many of us, Liz can’t stand when she dishes out $60 for a game and it has obvious, buggy areas in the game. She’s a big fan of PlayStation and has wanted to be on the show since Season 1 (she just recently hit the legal age to compete). She feels that her attention to detail and persistance will be a resource to the gaming community as the next PlayStation Tester.

Overbeast21 | Drew Overby

  • Hometown: Gautier, MS
  • Favorite PlayStation Game(s): God of War series, Uncharted series, Infamous series, Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet series, Killzone series
  • Profile URL
  • Audition Video:
  • Twitter: n/a
Drew is a 22 year old gamer from Mississippi and currently has 30+ games preordered at his local gaming store. His wife is the Gamestop manager so all those discounts come in handy. Drew says he has the determination and dedication like no other and displayed that in his audition video in which he cut off his finger, Ethan Mars-style. He has two associates degrees, one for telecommunications and another for electronics and hopes to go back to school for video game design. He understands that game testing will be a rather frustrating job but is willing to work at it and hope to go deeper into the gaming industry.
  • Joe DelFranco

    Well, I do vote for a few of these people but I need to give you the heads up. Shannon has dropped out of the competition. She said she didn’t want it as badly as everyone else and thought it was unfair for her to continue competing. I’m in the running as well, and I’m very supportive of my fellow gamers. You should check out my page. I’m a gamer too! :)

    • Jalen Bell

      If what you said is true, then FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

      Good luck in the competition. Give us a shoutout if you make it. :D

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    Thanks!! Great list I’m checkin out their profiles now!

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    Good luck everybody.

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