DC Universe Online Players Gather To Honor 9/11 Victims

DCUO heroes and villains gather to pay their respects to those who were effected in the darkest day of the United States.

I play DC Universe Online everyday of the week. I normally played with dozens of new people everyday or I’ll team up with either Damien or Cole to beat up some bad guys. You come across nice people and you come across douchebags. There’s always a conflict going on in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom and some just refuse to play together or even look at each other. But today and tomorrow is different for all of the heroes and villains.

It has been planned on the DCUO forums for a couple of days that all heroes and villains should meet at the Superman Statue on the USPS3 PVE server – it’s unknown to me whether or not this is also being done on the EUPS3 and PC sides – in order to pay their respects. I flew over there with my hero and found countless people standing in front of the statue saluting and firing their weapons. Some showed up wearing red, white and blue, some showed up dressed as soldiers. There’s no doubt in my might that this was the brightest day in DCUO, honoring the blackest night for America.