Top 5 Songs That Should Be In Michael Jackson: The Experience

I recently purchased Michael Jackson: The Experience for the PlayStation 3 after being a fan of the late artist for many years (and admittedly becoming more of a fan after his death). But I noticed that some of the songs with the best dancing aren’t in the game but the ones that had absolutely no dance numbers are. So, I’ve put together a list of songs that I believe should be in the game.

5. Jam 

For most of the Dangerous World Tour, this was the first song that Jackson would perform when kicking off the show. The dance steps would work great with the PlayStation Move, WiiMote and Kinect…ok, maybe not the Kinect because that version of the game is pretty bad. Unlike some of the songs that require you to just swing your arm in a 180 degree rotation, Jam will require you to put in some work, especially during the rapping part of the song.

4. Scream

Scream was the first (and only) song that brother and sister Michael and Janet Jackson recorded and released together. It was featured on Michael Jackson’s HiStory album in 1997 and entirely directed towards the media for their habit of scrutinizing him with false allegations and rumors. The video is one of Jackson’s biggest pieces and won over a dozen awards and was even listed #9 in the top 100 music videos of all time by Vh1 in 2001. Like Jam in the Dangerous Tour, Jackson used this as his opening performance during the HiStory world tour and it features some gnarly dance moves.

3. Man In The Mirror

Man in the Mirror is one of Jackson’s biggest hits of all time and is still remembered to this day. Written by Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard, Jackson spoke about world peace and spoke the the best way to make change is to start with yourself. In each concert in the Dangerous World Tour, he’s close the show with a 10 minute performance of the song and fly away with a jetpack. For one of his most critically acclaimed songs, I’m surprised it didn’t make the tracklist.

2. The Love You Save

I know this is a Michael Jackson game, but I’m a little surprised that there isn’t one Jackson 5 song in the game. Jackson 5 is where Michael’s career started back in the early 60s. Jackson would perform a number of Jackson 5 classics in the middle of each concert in his tours and The Love You Save would be one of them. The dancing is amazing and would work well with the WiiMote and the Move.

1. Dangerous

How is this song not in the game! I was extremely disappointed when I browsed through the song list and didn’t see this song in the game. Dangerous is hands down my favorite live performance ever done by Jackson and if there was any song that deserved to be in the game, this would be it. It didn’t get the privilege of having a video like most of the songs in the game, but many consider the live performances to be the official video for the song because of how awesome it is. If you don’t believe me when I saw Dangerous should be in the game, check it our yourself.

Michael Jackson: The Experience has one downloadable song, which is rare for a music game these days, but there could be a lot more. Jackson has performed a lot of songs in his life an they have better dancing numbers than most songs in the game.

  • jacko

    number 3 man in the mirror should not be consider a dancing number.

  • jacko

    i’ve been J5 fan since they’re first apperance on ED SULLIVAN show 1969 and mastered micheal steps ever since. as i said “MAN IN THE MIRROR” should never been consider as a dancing song unless ur actually performing it. what is up with the guy in the video game?? did sony tell him to meekly dance like michael?? the guy dance like SH’T Im very sure the wii mote can follow michaels REAL!! movement better.