Fans Who Purchased Mass Effect 3 Via Amazon Are Getting Full Refunds

Mass Effect 3 is undoubtedly the most controversial game of the year thus far, what with downloadable content being released the same day as the game and having an ending that didn’t sit well with fans, it seems as though fans are getting refunds via Amazon.

On the Bioware Social Network Forums, user Lycius stated in a thread that Amazon has given him a full refund for his opened Mass Effect 3: N7 Collector’s Edition. Here’s what he said:

Amazon is giving me a refund on my opened CE.


Maybe I can find another game that doesn’t crush my soul to spend that $80 on.

In his signature, he’s written “CE Returned to Amazon: $87.95 back in my account.”. As user just a few posts below says that Amazon has done the same with Dragon Age II. Do you think it’s worth returning a game such as Mass Effect 3 just because of the ending and other controversies surrounding it?


  • David

    No that ass clown, should not get a refund for the fact that he opened it and beat it. Games suck all the time. We are all stuck with garbage games from time to time. I never had the opportunity to return crap games unless it’s to Gamestop, where I had to trade it for half value. We as gamers, take it as a Bad investment. When I get crap games I cease playing them. The fact, that he finished a 30 hr game he should not get a refund period! Does anyone get refunds when movies suck in the theater? No. People like him piss me off, being a former manager at a retailer. I could not stand people like him, they come in to return something because they finished it but did not enjoy it. Who the fuck cares if you didn’t like. Live with it. Fucking assholes!

    • Steven

      I agree man. I don’t think not liking a game should qualify for a refund, Especially when it has two prequels and a demo so that you can see if you like it before you buy it.

      I didn’t like the ending either, but the rest of the game was pure brilliance. It was like a movie and I was so blown away by it that I didn’t even care about the ending.

      He will have used that Online pass code too so to me? This is like buying a drink that you have had before, drinking it and then asking for a refund because you didn’t like it.

      I wouldn’t even ask for my £5 deposit from GAME back when they didn’t stock the game because I felt so bad for them and I felt like doing so would be a kick in the teeth when they are down.

    • John

      Agree. People like him piss me off to no end. Same with the restaurant business, I used to be a server and sometimes the food didn’t taste like they assumed it would so they ask for a refund. Deal with it, life is about making choices and living with it, there’s no rewind button!

    • Jonas

      You need to learn the proper use of commas.

    • Spergers

      Keep on sucking up to Bioware. I’m sure they have your best interests at heart.

    • Anon

      Agreed. You have no right to return something because you didn’t like it. You have a right to return something because it was defective.

    • MartinB105

      I agree that he shouldn’t get a refund, but if Amazon are willing to give him one, then who’re you to judge him for taking advantage of that? I’d probably do the same in his situation (except, I like to keep my games).

      Amazon are being stupid here. Refusing the refund would’ve been routine and expected and would’ve caused no controversy at all. Yet they gave him the refund anyway. Maybe they’re hoping that it will be good PR.

    • thechad2

      shut up you slut. move out of the country if you don’t like capitalism. its like they say in southpark when stan and kenny watch the entire passion of the christ movie. “this is america, if something sucks your supposed to be able to get your money back”

  • Emmett Brown

    Nope. Not for it’s ending.
    I thought it was pretty powerful, and the game overall is top-notch.

    There’s some framerate issues on the PS3 version that kind of piss me off sometimes, but those can be fixed through patches, and even if it is a reoccurring hindrance that I feel warrants the product as faulty, I’ve never thought that way about any storyline for any form of entertianment.

    I thought the ending actually made the upset fans feel exactly what Bioware was aiming for. Only problem is, these “fans” are reacting to it in a completely selfish, immature, and cruel way.

    • ArcStm

      Is ok for u like the game & state your opinion, u r entitled to that. But most fans did not like that ending including me. Fans can be as selfish as they want about how they like the ending or gameplay of a game bacause afterall it is the fans that buy & generate income for bioware. Don’t underestimate the power of happy or angry fans that can make a game with either a success or failure. The bottomline for any games is whether it will make sales or not selling. Only fans can make that happen and it is not looking good for ME3 or for bioware. I don’t know how much money bioware invested in creating ME3, but they better pray hard to break even or come up with a DLC to provide closure for the ending.

      Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I do enjoy the game, but the ending to me is half ass done like they got lazy with game development and just rush to complete the game leaving lots of stuff without a closure. The ending looks like the end but at the same time with no real closure for supposedly the conclusion of the ME series…heck, ME2 has better closure than ME3.

    • thechad2

      Have you heard of the taking back mass effect movement. People are donating money to Childs play charity to show their frusteration towards bioware and their broken promises. yeah donating to kids is totally selfish and immature

  • Pat

    I guess I should return my copy of 1984 then, cause Orwell killed his main character. What a horrible ending right?

    Oh, oh, wait. Mass Effect fans “worked” on their characters. It’s totally different. It’s not like Bioware had already created multiple faces Commander Shepard’s character with the possibility of you to choose which one he should be. These players work they’re asses off to get where Shepard should be. They earned the right to demand a better ending to a story that they didn’t create.

    Because they worked for it.

    [Sarcasm Off]

    Video games are never going to be considered art if developers(what I see as directors) give up their direction like that.
    They should tell the fans to go shit in their hats and move on.

    The “Consumer”/”Customer” image they’re drawing out of all of this is totally deluded. It’s definitely gotten the self-entitlement ball rolling for disagreeing parties….whether or not if it’s true.

    • zezibesh

      “They should tell the fans to go shit in their hats and move on.”

      I’m sure the PR team will love that.
      Why do video games even need to be considered art? Whether or not the great public thinks a game is art should not affect your enjoyment of it.

      Oh and the ending was terrible. Not because Shepard can die, but because the Catalyst stuff came completely out of the blue, the Reaper motivations that are based on ME1 stuff are thrown out of the window, because the footage we get is inconsistent, because there is no closure, because the ending was decided only during ME3 development (you’re supposed to work out the grand plot arc of the trilogy beforehand), and of course because the last conversation in the game makes Shepard act completely out of character.
      Let’s not forget that every ending is exactly the same apart from color hue.

    • ArcStm

      I like how u think. U certainly does bring up a great point and I happen to agree. Although I don’t think developers can afford to tell the fans to go shit cuz that pretty much is as good as signing the death sentence for bioware if they do that…haha.

  • Rafa

    All right, this is going too far. Stop crying like Justin Bieber fans and accept the game. This generation of gamers is a shame!

    • Boombayoot

      Agreed. Gamers today have no idea how much they take for granted!
      Im a die-hard CNC, MOHAA, COD, StarCraft, KOTOR 1/2 and now a Mass Effect fan. I could give two craps if the ending isnt what I expected. I havent beat it yet, but to be honest, I didnt like the ending of the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars movies, but I still watch Star Wars series yearly like im a coke head, or play old and new PC games even if they arent all that. Someone sat down, wrote the code that gives me something to do when i have some downtime, shut up and enjoy someones elses hardwork unless you want to start coding your own games and desiging the graphics yourself. For gods sake, if you didnt start with a Nintendo or a gameboy when you were younger, you dont know what games are. Rafa, you are correct in saying this gen of players is out of it.

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  • emmaraygarrett

    Sure. That guy with 1984 can return it to the bookstore and get a refund, as long as he still has his receipt, no questions asked. I can return anything else for a full refund if I’m not satisfied, what makes a video game any different? It’s art? No, it’s a commodity created to be sold for a profit. A book is art, but I can absolutely return it for a full refund.

    It’s consumers like the previous posters that are a boon for the video game industry, since they believe they should NOT be allowed to gain recompense if they are dissatisfied with the product. I imagine if one were talking about their brand new television that worked for two days and then suddenly died, their response would be much different.

    • URsillyPoint MakesMeLaugh

      Are we talking about people who’s game “worked for two days and then suddenly died”? No. Were talking about a game that people are unhappy with how the story ends. A actual COMPARISON would be; can you return a song, DVD, CD, or software disk because you are unhappy with the content? The answer is no.
      Your reasoning is flawed on so many levels.
      1984 is a great example of book-as-art, but what about Everybody Poop’s? Are all books art? You ever try returning a painting because it turns out 2 days later you didn’t like it. Good luck pulling that off.

      Why would anyone keep a video game if they could just return it in 60 days, surely most people are done with it by then. Essentially every stores DVD section would become a free rental location. Does that make sense to you?

      • RedScourge

        See above post for a good example of the slippery slope logical fallacy.

  • LupinamCredere

    I’m not going to try and return my open and completed version of the game, but it will probably be the last Bioware product that I pre-order. Originally, I was planning to wait, since the demo left me with a very lukewarm impression. I picked up the Liara, Kasumi, and Arrival DLC’s figuring that would give me my Mass Effect fix until after release and a price drop.

    But I enjoyed them so much I went ahead and pre-ordered 3 as soon as I finished them.

    The game was fine, but the ending really wasn’t for me. I didn’t expect a happy ending or anything. The multiplayer requirement to get your readiness past 50% was a big turnoff for me. I hate multiplayer tack-ons to games that are supposed to be about their story!

    I waited and purchased DA2 just a couple months ago, and got it for 8 dollars. That took a lot of the sting out of recycled dungeons and gave time for the glitches to get fixed.

    The “wait and see” approach is the best any future Bioware products will get from me now.

    Still, there is no point in returning something you opened and beat. Treat the disappointment as a learning experience. Take your lumps and move on.

    • RedScourge

      “I’m not going to try and return my open and completed version of the game, but it will probably be the last Bioware product that I pre-order.”

      Exactly! It is probably better that retailers get flooded with requests of customers trying to return the product (whether or not it is allowed) than to just have the customers be upset and leaving BioWare wondering why the next game they produce sells hardly any copies and ends up a total loss for them.

      People flooding the retailers with requests to return the product is a market signal in a properly functioning free market situation which tells the producer that they need to change something with their product. They see this, they make a change, and then everyone is happy. This would be a far better outcome for everyone involved than for, say, BioWare to sink $50 million into their next game and be caught totally off guard when hardly anyone buys it.

  • Jordan

    There’s a difference between being disappointed in video games that you thought were going to be awesome and weren’t, and being told outright lies about what the game will be and will have and then having it fail to deliver. I’m not going to post examples, or rant here, because all the information is already out there for viewing.
    I’m amazed Amazon is doing this, personally. (though there’s no statement from Amazon stating that this is legit and they’ll do it) I’m sorely tempted to try to return my ~$90 CE copy, as I could very easily use the money for something more important now.

  • Bob Marley

    I can’t bash the entire game but the ridiculous reckless abandon that was the ending of the game is total garbage. Magic little ai/ghost kid that can magically make 3 different things happen each with its set of pros/cons. There are too many fans that dumped 100+ hours over the importing characters from ME1-3 to have a Fable 2 type ending.

    • ArcStm

      I couldn’t agree with u more. Well said.

  • 3viLmonkey501

    OK. Gonna buy bioware games through amazon from now on (if ever again) considering the huge letdown. Thanks for the tip.

  • usrev2

    now i wish i would have gotten it, bad ending or no mass effect is a good story attached to a shitty game and THAT is why it pisses me off.
    if people would stop getting it and tell bioware “keep the awesome story but give us a game to match” this entire gaming generation wouldn’t have been garbage.

  • Sora

    Is this for real? I…I…I don’t even have the words for this stupidity.

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  • Winston Smith

    Pat :
    I guess I should return my copy of 1984 then, cause Orwell killed his main character. What a horrible ending right?

    err, you should defo return your copy of 1984 if the main character died in your book…he didnt die in anyone elses?????

  • Jeff

    Wow, you guys have absolutely NO CLUE what the main argument is for returning this craptastic game do you?

    All of this “not defective, let me return other crappy games” etc NONSENSE are arguments so full of strawmen, and yes men from the gaming industry, (I’m looking at all you game reviewers giving this a 9.5 or higher, you are WHORES) that you really can’t see the forest from the trees, can you?

    This was NOT one game, this was the culmination of three games, AND 5 years of lies, deceit, and false advertising done by Bioware. “Your decisions count, YOUR decisions matter, YOUR destiny is based on what YOU choose to do and how YOU handle things from the previous two games.


    It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, or how badly you do it, either 100% paragon, or 100% renegade, it makes NO difference b/c you are given the SAME THREE CHOICES AS EVERYONE ELSE.

    Stop reading all these apologists, arsekissing “game reviewers” that are CLEARLY posting manure to help Bioware out of this PR nightmare and make Bioware accountable for false advertising and deceit.

    Is it REALLY too much for you ppl to think for yourself? I guess so.

  • cybersleuth58

    What the heck? I don’t understand the “controversy” to begin with. Whether or not a game lives up to a “buyer’s expectations” is a matter of taste. This whole issue flies in the face of amazon’s own return policy which precludes refunds when software is open absent a defect. When there is a defect, amazon agrees to an exchange, for the exactly the same product.

    Can you imagine people demanding a refund because because they were not satisfied with Picasso’s art? How about suing Michelangelo because someone didn’t appreciate David? How about claiming that Michelangelo’s Pieta is just too oedipal? Amazon ought to fire its legal advisor; because this is terrible precedent to set.

    Awwwww…. can I sue Bioware for infliction of emotional distress? The Mass Effect trilogy is undoubtedly the BEST gaming series I have ever played. The quality is so good, in fact, that it makes other games look like CRAP No game out there even comes close as far as depth of story and richness of characters. After Mass Effect, other games just have zero appeal. If I can convince an expert or two, I should get a few thousand bucks out of Bioware. Anyone else want to try with me? We can call it a class action. (That’s sarcasm, folks).

    To all those who cheer this guy on: a few considerations. Remember that this nonsense costs money. The retailer loses money and so do the developers. That costs is passed right on to GUESS WHO? The consumer! The next time someone complains about how expensive games are getting, think about fools like this who know how to advance frivolous claims. Also, remember that the jokers who know how to work the system to their own advantage make it all the more difficult for those people who have LEGITIMATE legal claims. He is doing none of us any favors while he laughs all the way to the bank.

    • Jeff

      If you took the time to read the LEGITIMATE gripes ppl have with this, instead of just trolloling, (and yeah i comparing this to Picasso is definitely trolling) you would see it’s based on accountability based on the devs assurances and promises of the final product that is in question, not rather or not anyone liked the ending.

      Geesh louise, i honestly don’t think you ppl want to actually know WHY ppl are upset, you’d just rather piss & complain.

  • koylce

    Blame that fat fuck HEPLER SHE RUINED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That fat bastard needs to get her job at Burger King back.

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  • Andrew

    Yeah, he sould not get a refund. Mass Effect is a great series and Mass Effect 3 is a great game. That’s ridiculous! Getting several high scores and great reviews I think people a blow this whole ending thing wayyyyyyyyyyy out of proportion! I love this series. Bioware keep doing what your doing!
    Andrew out!

  • K O

    People don’t seem to recall that in the early 20th century, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tried to get rid of Sherlock Holmes to pursue other writing endeavors, fan outcry and demand made him reconsider and subsequently devise a clever return for the famous detective which still permeates to this day. Gamers who have been on a 5 year/3 game odyssey where their Decisions mattered wanted a satisfactory, well thought out set of endings versus cut-and-paste, vague drivel. So, no one is crying like a little kid having a tantrum as some Judas game magazine reviewers themselves are saying about their own audience. They are simply trying to get a proper farewell to a great franchise.

  • Vivianne Shepard

    People can bitch about who did and didn’t like the ending. Personally, they made the game about emersion. They built the anticipation up for the sequel of the entire series to be one COMPLETELY unique to your character. This is why people are upset because they’re pulling a Peter Molyneux. Making promises and not living up to them. Truly, you people who sympathize with Bioware are in the minority but I’m not bashing you for your opinions. If you liked it, hey, more power to you.

    Fact is, the majority, including I didn’t. There shouldn’t be ONE definite ending to the series considering everything you did to get to that point. There should be several. If people like the original ending then good, incorperate that ending in and they can work towards that one. However, there should also be more endings to appease people who don’t want just the bare minimum.

    It’s a reoccuring theme in recent Mass Effect games that gets old very quickly: “Kill commander Shepard, bring him or her back.” Now you’re going to indefinitely die in the third one? Lol That’s just plain ridiculous, and there is no way to make decisions that will bypass this fate? Even though the main theme of Mass Effect is supposed to be choices. They said this would be the end of Commander Shepard’s story, but shit, killing him/her off for good and destorying the mass relays making space travel to distant galaxies all but impossible? The ending was poorly written, and poorly executed. Such a heavy price to pay for people who’ve devoted their time and money to the series as a whole.

    Mass Effect 3 was supposed to be the greatest of the series, and while it does deliver in every single field, minus the ending, it will never be known as that. In fact, at my local gamestop alone there are at least thirty copies of Mass Effect 3 on the shelves. More and more people are returning their copies of ME3 because they feel this way. You can say whatever you’d like about the reception of the game’s ending, but the majority has clearly spoken on this matter.

    “I’m not telling you my opinion, I’m just telling you which way the wind is blowing.” -Admiral Shala’Raan vas Tonbay

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