Sony Shutting Down SOCOM Creators?

Developers of MAG and creators of the SOCOM franchise, Zipper Interactive is rumored to be shut down by Sony.

According to Kotaku, there have been a number of layoffs at the studio over the past several days alongside a project cancellation. The layoffs hint at the studio being shutdown.

Zipper Interactive has been in business since 1995 and has developed four SOCOM titles for the PlayStation 2 and two for the PlayStation Portable. They’ve been owned by Sony Computer Entertainment since 2006 and were a big part of Sony in the days of the PS2. But in the days of the PS3, the 256-player online multiplayer-only game MAGSOCOM 4 was released in the middle of the PSN blackout last year and they recently put out Unit 13 on the PlayStation Vita but it doesn’t seem as though that will save them.

Sony has given Kotaku the classic “we don’t comment on rumors and speculation” line, so it’s safe to say that the rumors will be confirmed to be true sooner than later.