Single Player Game Modes, Rivalry & More Revealed for PlayStation All-Stars

Looking for more details on PlayStation All-Stars? Well, here they are! A new rivalry was announced, single player game modes and much more!

In an interview with Seth Kilian, a number of details were revealed for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been revealed. For starters, a new rival was announced. Unlike the first rivalry, there wasn’t any footage, but in the interview it was stated that Dante’s rival will be Nariko in the upcoming title.

The game’s single player was also detailed. The game’s single player will play out like your standard fighting game’s arcade mode. This in turn means choosing a character, participating in an arcade ladder, fight your rival and then the game’s final boss. Not too shabby, though I was hoping for a full fledged story. The final product will show how much work was put into the cinematics, which I’m sure will be stellar. Seth goes on to state that the single player will incorporate numerous modes ranging from 1v1, 2v2, 3v1, Free For All, etc. The game will also include a ton of combo challenges and character challenges, which is great to hear, adding more to the single player experience.

One of the highlights of the interview would have to be the announced progression system. Hinting at a ton of unlocks aside from costumes and characters, Seth states that players will unlock all different variations of items, including victory music, character poses and even more creative content. Seth also states that there will be plenty of Easter eggs in the title as well. PlayStation All-Stars is continuing to impress, and is looking t be one of Sony’s biggest titles this year. Be on the look out when it hits stores and the PSN on November 20, and check out the podcast here to get a full listen of the interview.


  • Jimmy

    This game is going to flop hard. No doubt about it.

  • gfdffff

    and your going to suck hard…no doubt about it

  • dork geniuz

    This game will certainly not flop.Those who have played the beta’s especially the vita versions have said nothing but good things about it.The only only people hating on this game are people who think nintendo owns the allstar brawler genre.Sure they may be the best at it but that doesnt mean others cant come along and try as well.I didnt hate on saints row for being like gta,infact I embraced it for what it was.

    • Styxx

      I agree with you, I’m a huge nintendo fan, and I will say that this is a complete rip off of the Super smash series, but It;s one of the best rip-offs i have ever seen. I will definately enjoy playing this, it will keep me busy until Super Smash bros 4 comes out.