Gearbox Isn’t Planning Borderlands 3

We’re all hungry for more Borderlands , but Randy Pitchford advises you don’t get your hopes up.

Given the ending to Borderlands 2, which released in North America two weeks ago, fans are already making theories about the plot for the next installment in the hybrid first-person shooter RPG franchise. Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford acknowledged this by tweeting that there currently are no plans.

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It makes sense that Gearbox isn’t working on a Borderlands 3 since they’re hard at work on delivering post-release content to be released in coming months.


  • Tiberius Gill

    Just because nobody’s working on it doesn’t mean there aren’t plans.

  • Andrew

    Of course they aren’t starting on a sequel! they already said they want to make plenty of DLC expansions for it, so they’d be busy with that for quite awhile. If they do make a sequel I don’t see them starting work on one for 3-4 years.

  • deadclown

    bl1-2009 bl2-2012 bl3-2015?

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