PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Collector’s Edition Teased?

Looks like players may have a PlayStation All-Stars Collector’s Edition to look forward to after all.

After posting a beautiful fan-made boxart for Sony’s upcoming title PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Seth Killian teased what is sounding like a potential Collector’s Edition for the next big PlayStation 3 exclusive.

[tweet align='center']

The tweet posts a link to the page with the artwork and states “Maybe for the Criterion Collection edition :).” What exactly does this mean, including the Criterion part of it is beyond me. Also, is the word ‘collection’ a typo or is it a completely different idea. Stay tuned to iGo Gaming for more information, and check out the gorgeous fan art below!






  • SomeFaqinGuy

    Criterion collection just repackages movies with a pretty box acting all sophisticated and such.
    The dude was just joshin around, not hinting at a collector’s edition.

  • Daniel Ortega

    i think he’s just referring to it’s simplistic art, which is alot like alot of Criterion’s box art for their movies.

  • Cyberia

    Uh, no. This is just someone’s fan creation:

    • Cyberia

      NVM ignore my previous comment

  • #1 ps fan

    a collectors edition should have been made from the get go, since this is playstation 1st game where the majority or ps stars meet in 1 game. like i said befor there will be a game of the year version released later with all dlc and more just for extra money for sony to make.thats why they are doing it this way.

  • Timmeh

    This game is going to flop hard!

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