PS Vita Firmware Update 2.00 Is Live

PlayStation Plus has finally arrived on the Vita

Moments ago, Firmware Update 2.00 officially went live on the PlayStation Vita. The firmware includes:

  • Support for PlayStation Plus has been added.
  • [Email] has been added as an application.
  • The [Content Manager] has been redesigned.
  • The [Content Manager] can now be used to transfer content to and from the PlayStation Plus online storage.
  • The [Content Manager] can now be used to transfer content wirelessly to and from the PC.
  • The rendering engine in the [Web Browser] has been improved.
  • The [Web Browser] now uses more GPU processing power.
  • The HTML5 and JavaScript engines in the [Web Browser] have been upgraded.
  • Users can now send their current [Web Browser] URL through Twitter.
  • The [Video] application can now display media in 1080p.
  • The [Video] application now supports captioning.
  • Folders can now be created for the [Video] application.

You can download the update on your Vita, your PS3 or your PC.