PlayStation 4 Eye, Controller Detailed

PS4 Eye

Sony went into great detail behind the Dualshock 4 during their GDC conference, going as far as explaining why the L2/R2 buttons have been curved.

Dualshock 4

  • 1920×900 resolution on the analog touchpad
  • L2/R2 buttons curved to prevent accidental fast forwarding on Netflix
  • Buttons going back to digital over analog due to the last of usage on PS3
  • The controller will charge while it’s off
  • The light bar can be used for health bars

PS4 Eye

  •  High sensitivity dual color camera
  • 1280×800
  • 12 bits/pixel, 60Hz
  • Will come with an exclusive SCE Connector, so it can’t be plugged into a USB port on your computer to use as a webcam
  • Can be used for walkthrough videos, taunting in kill cam, speech recognition, login, etc.
  • Can see the controller, so if you’re playing split-screen and move, your half of the screen will switch sides also

We’ll update you guys with more PlayStation 4 details as they come!

  • toad

    Don’t like the PS4 eye, the Kinect, although sold well, just does not work, people remember and won’t buy that gimmick again.

    • geeb

      The eye has been around since PS2 dude. I’m pretty sure sony has realized it’s a gimmick and it will more likely be used for videos, avatar picture, video chats, etc. That was the main usage for it on the PS3. I used mine to make youtube videos and do a video chat. It won’t be a major thing for gaming I’m positive. MS on the other hand are noobs and are still betting most of their coins on it.

      • Lemondish

        I use mine for Move games every now and then. Me and a buddy have had an ongoing Sports Champions rivalry since it came out. I’m probably like one of eight that still uses Move consistently lol