Phil Fish Leaves The Gaming Industry

Phil Fish

Earlier today, a Twitter blowup between Polytron developer Phil Fish and Annoyed Gamer host Marcus Beef led to the immediate and unforeseen cancellation of Fez II. Hours later, Fish clarifies why he canceled the title.

Many believed that Phil Fish canceled the title because Marcus Beer had some unsavory things to say about him on the latest episode of Invisible Walls. However, Fish says that isn’t the case.



Fish also went to Polytron’s website to post the following:

Fez 2 is cancelled. I am done. I take the money and I run. This is as much as I can stomach. This isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign. You win.”

Fish tweeted earlier in the day that he’s considered leaving the industry every day due to the abuse he’s faced from the media and consumers, alike. Today seems to be the day he’s quit.

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  • spideynut71

    Good riddance, loser. F***ing Prima Donna…. you and J-Blow should both take a flying leap together, Thelma and Louise style.

    • ariessiren

      He’s not a loser, he’s brilliant. He just is burnt out and mishandled the situation. take a look at your reaction. You reacted JUST like he did. You are just as bad. people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

      • spideynut71

        I didn’t “react” to anything. I’ve been calling Fish a loser since before I even saw him in Indie Game: The Movie. All he and J-Blow EVER do is whine and tweet like little attention whores.

        • ariessiren

          Yes you did. you basically told him and Jonathan to kill themselves like thelma and Louise and that he was an f-ing loser prima donna. You reacted bigtime. Truth is spidey your no better. Your a hypocrite. Try to be better and look in the mirror. Your just as nasty a he can be. No better.

          • spideynut71

            Dude….I used the T&L reference for a reason. If I’d wanted to just say “this guy should kill himself”…that’s what I’d have f’ing said. T&L were two “women” (not unlike Fish and J-Blow), first of all….criminals, at that…who didn’t want to deal with the consequences of their actions, and took the easy way out (much like Fish seemingly did). He and J-Blow love to get on twitter and talk sh*t, and draw attention to themselves…but don’t like it when people give it right back to them. The T&L reference is metaphorical: Fish and Blow are 2 “women” (prima donnas), who are connected by their actions and words…to their detriment…and ultimately “jumped off a cliff” together, to avoid dealing with their problems (critics).

          • ariessiren

            Sure spidey. Keep telling yourself that. You are a nasty person. Straight up mean and no empathy whatsoever. Your EXACTLYwhat Phil was talking about. The bad gamers outweigh the good ones.

          • Dominique Strehlau

            and you, ariessiren, do the same to spidey right now, your only aim is to make spidey feeling bad and your are pushing this , as it seems, till he makes a comment like: I’m leaving commentary because blablabla.
            Everyone got a opinion, he told it, you told it, now get out of this kindergarten and let us all move on.

      • Empty

        Brilliant lol

  • Eagles83

    The abuse that he has taken has been that of his own making. You can’t whine and cry about stuff for years and expect people to not get tired of hearing it. This guy needs a good kick in the ass to knock him off his pedestal.

  • ariessiren

    Waste of talent. all because he couldn’t separate himself from the media. Twitter and fakebook invite people into your life, you basically asked for it. Just sucks he gave up without trying to fix himself. He’s addicted to twitter. Bad idea. Serves no good purpose.

    • Xino

      couldn’t agree more man:/

      when you look at many great designers, you wonder why you could never reach them or get them on Twitter. But now many of them are on twitter just for their fans because it’s 2013 and they’ve done enough work in the industry.

  • avi

    all he had to do was quit twitter and go into hiding until he was ready to release his new game.
    i’d just screw the social networks and everyone else and just work on what i love doing.

    • ariessiren

      Totally agree

    • Lethal_Doze

      let’s just stop paying attention to this guy, he needs mental help

    • Sean Robert Gerard Fernandez

      Clearly he didn’t enjoy making games because he decided to call it quits. If game devs were all like him, the industry wouldn’t exist. He has no backbone and obviously couldn’t handle the heat for his unpopular opinions. All he would’ve need to do is apologize for his comments and try to make up for it. Not quit like a little bitch because his feeling were hurt. Like the business of media and entertainment, if you can’t handle criticsm then quit which he did.

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  • Xino

    first of all…why does this guy have so much hate in the first place?

    isn’t he the one who bashed Japanese Gaming Industry/gamers?
    well why shouldn’t he have hate.

    NOTE to other upcoming developer indies: STFU.
    Don’t try to brag or gain attention in media of Gaming Industry: you’ll just shoot yourself in the foot!

    If you make big games that sell well or AAA titles then by all means all nonsense all you want.
    you don’t see Miyamoto, Martin Odnell, Shinji Mikami, Gabe Newell etc all trash talking online. Sure you might have good name directors/designers say something bad but that’s because media twist their words.

    Cliff B, David Jaffe, Itagaki, Hideki Kamiya etc are the ones who can talk nonsense online.

    someone like Phil who hasn’t made anything but boasting said out loud about Japanese games, so why shouldn’t the hate come. He should have said it in a non offending way:/

  • Godofhdardcore

    Phil Fish is the definition of Pussy ass Bitch

    • Guest

      No, that title goes to Brian Provinciano and to Jonathan Blow too. Their fate will be no different with their hubris and smack talking.

      • Godofhdardcore

        Fish is the one crying like a baby

  • BrothaDave

    good for him, people get tired of trying to please everybody. the people who complain should go try to make a game themselves (and deal with the industry and the politics) then try and complain

    • ariessiren

      Yep. The industry is very nasty and ungrateful. it wasnt worth it to him and i don’t blame him. He had enough. I will miss him. I feel bad for him

      • BrothaDave

        I don’t feel completely bad, he got his money but he won’t be happy doing what he loves anymore because the industry ruined it for him. Once you go mainstream “they” own you.

        I used to be a “gaming journalist” back from 2006-2009 before the everybody had a blog or whatever and once I saw how the industry worked I walked away. Everything in the entertainment industry is crazy (I got blackballed because I always spoke my mind).

  • Tahoe Rhea Nevada

    So… A group of people who’ve been bullied themselves (gamers, geeks/nerds) bully one of their own into giving up his dreams. Please, explain to me how this is acceptable behavior…