Final Fantasy XIV Is Still Coming To The PS3

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard about Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 3. Don’t worry, it’s still coming.

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy XIV was a failure at launch. Terrible interface and glitches were two of many factors that caused Square-Enix to extend the free trial for those who bought the game. Because of the problems with Final Fantasy XIV, the PS3 version was delayed and never heard from again. Some believed that it was canceled.

In an interview with the Official Final Fantasy XIV community team, director Naoki Yoshida has reassured that the PS3 version is still in development.

Of course. Development is proceeding, do not worry! The PS3 version will come out at all costs.

Final Fantasy XIV launched on the PC last September and Square-Enix has been hard at work to give their fans what they paid for. While this news is great to hear, many eager fans are awaiting a concrete release date.