Report | Luigi Playable in Super Mario 3D Land; Other Features Noted

As can be seen in the low-res screenshot above, Luigi is returning alongside his plump brother in Super Mario 3D Land.

Nintendo confirmed today that Luigi will be playable alongside his brother, and brings some advantages with him. Like most other games, Luigi can jump higher than his brother. Nintendo went to state that Luigi can be played with on special stages in the game, which are accessible after completing World 8-4.

Stoned Tanooki he didn't over indulge in mushrooms

The Tanooki suit also brings with it a new feature, not showcased in any other demos before. Mario can now turn into a stone figure, making enemies completely ignore him in this state. Mario can also hide in ‘?’ blocks, something similar to that of Solid Snake. He can also collect coins while hiding in the said box.

Mario? Mario?! MARRRRRIO?!


Nintendo assured that Super Mario 3D Land will use StreetPass features early on, but it wasn’t until today that they revealed what they will be. Super Mario 3D Land now features a time attack mode, in which players can compete against a Shadow Mario received during StreetPass occurrences. These are all neat features that I can’t wait to try out upon release. For more information regarding Super Mario 3D Land, be sure to check my hands-on.