Sorcery Is Still In The Works

The game that has been cloaked, buried and locked away since 2010, finally got a little mentioning. Sony have just released evidence that Sorcery is still alive!

Back at E3 2010 Sony showed off some Sorcery gameplay with their shiny new Playstation Move (at the time). Little did we know that the five minutes of gameplay had to satisfy us for over 2 years. Sorcery was arguable one of the best game to come out of E3 2010 from Sony.

Ever since E3 2010, Sony have not spoken of Sorcery or its existence, leaving Playstation Move fans doubting its continuance. Over two years have passed and finally Sony have reconfirmed the existence of the amazing Playstation Move game.

In a statement, Sony’s Eric Levine confirmed …

Yes, Sorcery is still in development and we’re very excited to show everyone how this PlayStation Move exclusive game is coming along.

Rejoice! This means that Sorcery has not been killed-off and we will probably get some new gameplay in the very near future.

If you have forgotten what Sorcery looks like you can catch a recap from E3 2010 below.

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