DC Universe Online Gets You Into The Holiday Spirit With Game Update 7

Game Update 7 is coming! Introducing Agent Orange!

It’s that time of year, kids! Get into your X-Mas clothes and get ready to decorate Metropolis and Gotham City while punching some bad guys (or good guys) in the process. But watch out for the Grinch, Larfleeze, the leader of the Orange Lanterns.

The Orange Lanterns are powered by avarice, so Larfleeze will be using his power to still your presents, your milk, your cookies and your powers! Ok, maybe not your powers but you see the point. It’s time to hide your milk, hide your cookies and hide your presents ’cause he’s snatching everything out here!

A new PvP map will be added in the update. There will be a 5 v 5 match in the Watchtower. There has been no news on when Update 7 will be released.