Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts III Going Multi-Platform?

versus 13A tweet sent out by PlayStation’s official twitter would make it seem as though Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III aren’t exclusive to PlayStation.

Last night (or earlier tonight, depending on where you live), Square Enix announced that PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be known as Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development and that both titles will be available on PlayStation 4.

Moments later, Sony tweeted this:

Both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are coming to PS4! And FFXIV is coming exclusively to PS3 and PS4!

PlayStation (@PlayStation)

Seems a bit odd that PlayStation wouldn’t mention the first two titles as exclusives. While little is known about Kingdom Hearts III as of this writing, it’s not unlikely that XV will be multi-platform given that Square Enix has often eluded to a chance the title would be on another platform other than PlayStation. In 2008, Square Enix head Yoichi Wada said that a possible multi-platform release was being looked into “internally until right before the formal announcement.”

We’re still awaiting press releases for both titles to confirm whether or not Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV will be exclusive to PlayStation 4. Check back at iGo Gaming for more news!