Fez Developer Phil Fish Explodes On Twitter, States Fez II Has Been Canceled

Phil Fish

The notoriously outspoken indie developer Phil Fish has been the center of attention since the release of documentary Indie Game: The Movie last year. If you were to bring up Phil Fish on an internet forum, there will be plenty of terrible things said about him, no doubt. If you google “Phil Fish”, a drop-down list will suggest “Phil Fish gay” or “Phil Fish is a douche.” The Fez developer has had enough of it.

The Fez developer stated on Twitter that he was attacked personally, once again, but this time by GameTrailers’ Annoyed Gamer host Marcus Beer. Fish felt Beer performed character assassination and attacked the quality of his work on Invisible Walls. The two exchanged words via Twitter for several minutes, with Fish demanding an apology on camera.

Soon after, Fish engaged in arguments with other members of Twitter and stated that some times he hates being in the gaming industry and he thinks about leaving it every day. Twenty minutes later, Phil Fish tweeted, “im done. Fez II is canceled. goodbye,” and switch his Twitter profile to private.

fezYou can read the full Fish and Beer’s full conversation on their respective Twitter feeds. Fez II, sequel to the highly successful 2012 indie game Fez, has been in development, although no platforms or time frame were confirmed. We’re not quite sure if Fish means what he says or if he was just talking with his emotions, but we’ll update you as soon was we hear something.