God Eater 2 Ships Over 500,000 Copies

That’s right, God Eater 2 shipped more in Japan than Persona 4 Golden did.

Today (only in Japan), God Eater 2 launched on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable alongside Vita TV (also only in Japan). The Action RPG shipped 500,000 copies in Japan, surpassing Persona 4 Golden, which shipped 300,000 since its release in Japan in June 2012.

While God Eater 2 may have shipped 500,000 copies (more than P4G), that doesn’t exactly mean it’s sold 500,000 more. We can expect those numbers in the near future.

As of right now, there hasn’t been an official statement regarding a North American release for God Eater 2, however the original God Eater was released in North America on PSP in 2011 so keep your fingers crossed. If you’re in a rush for some reason, your Vita is region-free so import away.


  • fatdog21

    i think it well sell no less than a million in japan……if not i dnt see nothing selling well on vita

  • PS Vita Roundup

    Usual sales of a big-name game are 70-80% of shipment on launch week, but with the Vita user base so small, I’d be delighted if it hit 150,000 sales for its first week. Maybe a few more buying it with Vita TV…