IGN Insists Their Source Works for Sony, More Insight on the Rumor

IGN’s source at Sony has informed the publication that The Last Guardian has been canceled. But Sony immediately came back and said it’s not true! But now IGN is claiming their information still came from Sony. What is life?! Tonight has been an emotional roller coaster for gamers that will long be remembered for years to come. Around midnight EST (two hours ago as of this writing), IGN reported that The Last Guardian had been canceled. The publication credited their information to a source at Sony Worldwide Studios. Not soon thereafter, Head of PlayStation Software Product Development Scott Rhode stated that the rumor was simply not true.

The author of the now-infamous IGN story was none other than IGN Editor-in-Chef Steve Butts. With the internet now raging at IGN for delivering “false news” and demanding all their heads on a stick, Butts took it upon himself to defend the story and state that the information did, in fact, come from Sony.

It’s an interesting development and leads to a number of questions. Is Butts saving face now that IGN is being ridiculed across the gaming community? Is Rhode lying to avoid bad momentum for Sony going into E3? Or did Sony put out false information in their meeting to weed out a mole? These scenarios may be melodramatic (perhaps from watching too much 24).

Interesting side note, IGN’s article (which is an edited version published after the rumor was squashed) states that their team in Russia received the information. The Last Guardian rumor didn’t start tonight with IGN, but yesterday with Worlds Factory. Two Russian journalists tweeted that The Last Guardian had been canceled long before IGN reported the news.

This certainly is an interesting development. Keep it locked to iGo Gaming and we’ll be sure to deliver more news as we hear it.

  • clasifi1 .

    That game is likely to suck anyway…And even if it doesn’t , fans are bound to be disappointed just because of the insane hype behind it…

    • Jason Mounce

      It’s likely going to suck? Well please clarify what games Team Ico have made that suck to reinforce your claims.

      • Eagles83

        This is just my subjective opinion but I thought Ico sucked. SoTC had cool boss fights but was pretty boring in between them with no other enemies to fight. It was a good game overall but I didn’t think it was the masterpiece everyone says it was.

        It is bound to not live up to the hype after all of these years. No game will. Half life 3 is bound to disappoint as well. We have high expectations for games that have been developed in 3 years much less 7.

        • Jason Mounce

          Ehn, that indeed is your opinion, potentially it sounds like you simply heard everyone talk and hype the game up and you had overly-large expectations of the game and too high of standards on what you were expecting only to be let down because ‘you’ let yourself get hyped by everyones praise :L Happens more than you think as a Singular problem than a macro-sociological problem.

          It’s attitude like the latter sentences though that makes it either a game is easier to Not disappoint because your expectations in contrast are extremely low with lack of belief or faith in the developers even if it’s superstitious a bit. There are handfuls of games that didn’t get a new instalment until many years ahead but still did well, just people don’t keep the Good ones in mind, only the bad. Like, Starcraft 2 did well and it was far apart from SC1. Fallout 3 was able to succeed the older games and get wider audiences to accept it as a series. Half-Life 2 did fine after HL1 had record-breaking GOTY amounts. Diablo 3 or DNF didn’t really live to hype but that is due to Developer ignorance/flaws rather than Hype-issues :L

          • Eagles83

            Fair enough. I just think people expect a game that takes this long to make to be amazing and not just a good game. I bet they can make a good game because I did enjoy SoTC but just felt it was too barren for my tastes. I just think it is a little odd that games like Darksiders 2 gets slammed for not having enough enemies throughout the game but SoTC was treated like a magnum opus. I’m hoping it is good when it is finally released but I’m expecting more than good and if it doesn’t exceed that then I will be disappointed.

          • Neco The Sergal

            I think it had to do more about the artistic atmosphere and overwhelming sense of loneliness, mystery and adventure. Which anyone could easily argue, none of that exists in a game like Darksiders 2. Both have big open worlds, but they are worlds apart in terms of what they’re trying to do. One is telling a story indirectly like Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls 1 for instance do similarly. (Unlike DS2) But Darksiders 2 was action-adventure with a Zelda-like mechanic.Sotc was exploration, adventure, mystery with action as a last-genre. I liked it at least, I had never given Ico a go even though I got the HD version for free on my PS3, I’ve yet to dive in to truly give it an opinion….

            It’s similar enough why people are skeptical about Half-Life 3 but, depends how much faith you can have in the devs and how talented they are. :L Ehn, whether right or wrong entirely depends on the moment the game is released for people to truly find out.

  • Cayal

    ” Tonight has been an emotional roller coaster for gamers that will long be remembered for years to come.”

    Hyperbole much?

  • xkingxnitemare

    Could be right on either account. Could be a bs rumor or could be true and sony just saying it hasnt been for now. Would be a big blow to sony going into e3 with negitive press breathing down their neck we all know what happened last year with xbox.either way this game couldnt at this point live up to expectation after all this time.I think alot of people are hoping its cancelled

    • extermin8or2

      would be worse if they straight up lied to everyone, far more likely they gave out false info to try and narrow down who’s been leaking stuff there has been ALOT of leaks lately after all and some of the so called insiders that aren’t even devs know an awful lot more than they should know…

  • Dennis Crosby

    Who know the truth but it will be brought to light soon but all I know is my friends woke me and my lady up to tell us this so I’m kinda pissed

  • misterxmedia.lj.com

    Sony lies….

  • Kamille

    Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann also poured cold water on the report stating, “‘Internal sources’ strike again! I wonder if gaming journalists who actually work hard to confirm reports get offended by stuff like this.”

  • Anders

    Unless that ONE source is Shuhei Yoshida it isn’t credible to write about it.

  • Anders

    Shuhei Yoshida has retweeted Scott Rhodes tweet it could mean that Scott is right.

  • sergeantnorider

    Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. Sony has lost control of the situation. They might have been planning to show it later at TGS but that’s over now. This rumor forces them to show it at E3 in whatever condition the game happens to be in. And people are going to expect a five minute demo, not another trailer.

    But here’s an interesting question–does sony show the game at the beginning of the show to squash the rumors so that everyone can focus on what else they are saying? Or do they wait until the end of the show for the big dramatic reveal and risk everyone ignoring what they’re saying until the game is shown?

    Either way its a distraction and bad press at the worst possible time for them.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Since Yoshida and Rohde were laughing I think Sony doesn’t give a damn about the crap IGN spreads around. Sony will stick to its plan, which as far as we know could still be to drop The Last Guardian as one of the E3 Megatons. Or to ignore it tout court until the time is ready.

      • sergeantnorider

        Naw. They show it at E3 or every game they show is subject to question and doubt. They have no choice. Its E3 or bust now. This is a major distraction for them as fans are obsessed with this and no mega ton will matter unless it’s a playable demo of this game. It better release this year too by the way.

  • bigshynepo

    We’ll be seeing a trailer for The Last Guardian in less than 36 hours. #Believe

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Lmao, this a prime example of IGN starting fud and click baiting the console war.