E3 2014 | EA Press Conference Review

One of the most looked-forward-to conferences at this year’s E3 may end up being the most disappointing.

Going into EA’s E3 conference, gamers had many hopes and expectations. News on Star Wars: Battlefront, an announcement for the next Mass Effect title and footage for the long-awaited new entry to the Mirror’s Edge franchise.

And many of those gamers were disappointed.

I identify myself as a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve read novels, comics, play some of the games and I’ve watched the movies endlessly. My Final Fantasy XIV character is even namd Annikin Starkiller. What I was most excited about going into this E3 conference was some news, perhaps just a trailer, for DICE’s Battlefront. The presser opened up with a developer diary for the highly anticipated first-person shooter, whih is expected considering it’s only been in development for over a year.

The developer diary seemed to become a trend. Most of the highly-anticipated titles were given developer diaries instead of actual trailers or demos. Bioware talked about their next Mass Effect game, but there was no mention of story details, release window or even a title. All they let us know is that it exists, which we’ve known for months.

Mirror’s Edge suffered the same fate. We haven’t heard a peep about this title since it was announced at last year’s E3. As of now, the release date for the game is still “when it’s ready.”

The developer diaries don’t stop there. Criterion Games (Burnout series, Need For Speed: Rivals) announced their new IP today, an action sports games. This untitled project has no release date.

We were given a great look at Dragon Age: Inquisition, although it was also shown at Microsoft’s presser earlier in the morning. Bioware described Inquisition as their biggest game yet. Personally, it has my interest. I’ve never played a Dragon Age title although I’ve heard a fair amount of good things in the past. As someone who’s enjoyed Skyrim and still does to this day, the dragon battles provide enough familiarity for someone like me to consider buying the game.

The Sims 4 took the stage for what felt like an eternity. It came out right after the disappointing developer diary about the next Mass Effect which, as a consumer, didn’t make me care too much about The Sims. I loved The Sims 3 and I’ve played all its expansion packs but watching The Sims 4 felt painful. It focused heavily on how your Sim can now linger on to its bad emotions and gives us ways to change them as we would in real life, such as going to a party. It felt quite a bit awkward for a bit but things took a nosedive when the then-sad-now-happy Sim ended up dying of laughter at the party.

Like every year, Electronics Arts put a lot of focus on their sports titles such as FIFA, UFC, PGA Tour and Madden. I’m not into sports so obviously these were just a moment of “sigh, let’s just get through it.” But one of these games caught my attention and that’s PGA Tour. Golf games are going all out now as you can hit the golf ball over a crashing battleship. I’m not making that up. A battleship crashed into the island as a golf ball flew over it and went into the hole.

After ending the focus on sports games and developer diaries, we finally reached the main event. Finally, we’re getting news on Visceral Games’ Battlefield: Hardline!!

Well, not really. The game has been suffering from leaks for weeks but it still managed to impress. From its announcement (well, its initial leak, i should say), there have been comparisons to this and Sony Online Entertainment’s action game Payday. Like PaydayHardline is all about cops vs robbers but it’s still very Battlefield. The squad system is the same and so are the destructible environments. The action is just as intense as a Battlefield game is expected to deliver. Cranes fell over, oil tankers were crashed to take out an entire enemy squad and not to be undone, when the robbers were escaping in the chopper, the cops shoot the pilot, the crook jumps out of the helicopter to make it safely on the ground and is arrested on the shot.

It was very impressive and gives the franchise a new look after the controversial launch of Battlefield 4. After the intense on-stage demo, it was announced that anyone with a PlayStation 4 or PC can gain access to the beta right now. It was a good way to end a lackluster conference.

Too many developer diaries for the games that were most looked forward to, a Sims 4 presentation that dragged on, the usual look at EA Sports games for those interested in those games and a great finish. I give EA’s conference a…


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