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Through The Years | Take a Look Back at Harmonix’s Rock Band

Despite popular belief, music games are far from dead. Rock Band is still holding strong, and newer titles like Dance Central add more ways to game and jam at the same time. Starting with the original title, Harmonix continued in its efforts to innovate the music game genre, succeeding with each entry. With Rock Band [ READ MORE ]

My Picks And Wishlist For The Spike VGAs

The Spike Video Game Awards are just two days away. Most people don’t care about the actual awards, but just the announcements. Fortunately, I care about both[ READ MORE ]

Top 5 Songs That Should Be In Michael Jackson: The Experience

I recently purchased Michael Jackson: The Experience for the PlayStation 3 after being a fan of the late artist for many years (and admittedly becoming more of a fan after his death). But I noticed that some of the songs with the best dancing aren’t in the game but the ones that had absolutely no [ READ MORE ]

What I Want In Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is right around the corner. Ok, not really. As far as we know, development hasn’t really begun. If anything, Nomura’s interview hints that it’s in the early planning stages. I’ve played all of the major Kingdom Hearts titles and here’s what I want in the the proper sequel[ READ MORE ]

Beatshapers Announces Carnivores: Ice Age For PlayStation 3, PSP

Beatshapers, creators of Stardrone and Enigmo, have announced that they are porting the PC version of Carnivores: Ice Age to the PlayStation 3 and [ READ MORE ]

EA Shutting Down Servers for Battlefield, Need For Speed

Your favorite (and old) games will be taken offline soon[ READ MORE ]

Top 5 Sonic Characters I Want To See Die

Our second Top 5 list in celebration for Sonic’s 20th anniversary is the characters that I absolutely hate and want to see dead. Sonic’s been around for a while and has a lot of furry friends so this should be easy[ READ MORE ]

Top 5 Best Sonic The Hedgehog Games

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, we’ve decided to make four “Top 5″ lists about our favorite blue Hedgehog. The first being his best games. Check it out[ READ MORE ]

Sony E3 2011 Conference Liveblog

Sony’s E3 2011 Press Conference starts at 5:00 PST/8:00 EST. Click here to view the press conference[ READ MORE ]

What We Expect To See, Want To See And Don’t Want To See At E3 2011

With Sony and Nintendo having new hardware hitting the market at the end of the year and Microsoft hopefully making the Kinect more appealing to core gamers, E3 2011 is shaping up to be the biggest E3 in history. There will be a lot of wish granting and disappointing, so iGo Gaming takes a look [ READ MORE ]