X-Men First Class Review

Everyone loves a good origin story for good comic book heroes (and villains). Marvel continues to capitalize on their success from comic book-licensed movies with X-Men First Class. But does the movie live up the hype? How does it fare against its predecessors? Check out our review to see.

DC Universe Online Legends #7 Review

DC Universe Online Legends #7 is probably the most disappointing issue I’ve read thus far. Why? Because I watched the climax of this issue a couple of months ago. And if you buy these comis because its video game counterpart interested you enough, maybe you did, too.

DC Universe Online Legends #6 Review

I’m a little disappointed with DCUO Legends #6. In my review for #5, I ended the reviewing saying that I was waiting for an issue of DCUO Legends to disappoint me the way inFamous #1 has. While it isn’t that bad, there is one thing that stood out in particular and made a big difference.…

DC Universe Online Legends #5 Review

DC Universe Online continues to break the mold for terrible game tie-in comics and it feels like a dream. After five issues, Mike S. Miller, Andrianna Melo and Norman Lee have continued to make the comic series astonishing to look at.

DC Universe Online Legends #4 Review

DC Universe Online Legends 4 is perhaps my least favorite entry in the comic series. As the artwork was at its prime during issue #3, our friends John Livesay and Howard Porter ruined such a good thing. But the art isn’t even the most disappointing thing about the issue. The most disappointing thing about this…

inFAMOUS #1 Review

And here I was thinking that Superman #708 was the worst comic issue I’ve read during my recent comic book obsession. But inFAMOUS #1 surely takes the crown. Why does this issue disappoint me and why am I hesitant about buying future issues? This is going to be my shortest review yet.