No English Voice Acting For Chaos Rings II

Chaos Rings is undoubtedly the definitive RPG on iOS devices and some have gone as far as to call it the Final Fantasy of mobile phones. Last week, Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega were updated with Japanese voice overs, but would Chaos Rings II have english voice overs?

[Review] Chaos Rings Ω

When I played Chaos Rings last year, it was the first game that convinced me to take mobile gaming seriously. It did everything right. Engaging characters, interesting story, and stunning visuals. But more importantly, Chaos Rings made this button-less device more of a gaming platform than anyone could have foretold.

Ex-DJ Hero Devs Working on iPhone Music Game

DJ Hero holds a deep place in my heart. In my opinion, the first game reinvigorated a dying genre in the music game world. It packed enough originality and had a fantastic soundtrack, and is definitely one of my favorites among the genre. It was greatly improved with its sequel, but met an unfortunate demise…

Where They Stand Now: Naughty Bear

Naughty Bear was an original title developed by Artificial Mind And Movement. The game’s plot centers around a homicidal teddy bear who seeks revenge for not being invited to a birthday party.  If you remember my review on the game, you may remember me praising it and claiming it wasn’t that bad of a game. One…