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No English Voice Acting For Chaos Rings II

Chaos Rings is undoubtedly the definitive RPG on iOS devices and some have gone as far as to call it the Final Fantasy of mobile phones. Last week, Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega were updated with Japanese voice overs, but would Chaos Rings II have english voice overs?

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Sonic CD Debuting On Consoles, Mobile Phones Later This Year

Perhaps the most critically and commercially acclaimed entry into the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is finally making its way to consoles and mobile phones.

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[Review] Chaos Rings Ω

When I played Chaos Rings last year, it was the first game that convinced me to take mobile gaming seriously. It did everything right. Engaging characters, interesting story, and stunning visuals. But more importantly, Chaos Rings made this button-less device more of a gaming platform than anyone could have foretold.

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You Can Enjoy Battlefield 3 On Your iOS Device.

Like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 will make its way to the iPhone one way or the other.

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Ex-DJ Hero Devs Working on iPhone Music Game

DJ Hero holds a deep place in my heart. In my opinion, the first game reinvigorated a dying genre in the music game world. It packed enough originality and had a fantastic soundtrack, and is definitely one of my favorites among the genre. It was greatly improved with its sequel, but met an unfortunate demise after the failed sales shipment among most music games being pushed at the time. It is with that that I bring some positive news on the closed FreeStyle Games.

Some of the developers that worked n DJ Hero are now a part of Music In Color and are working alongside Reactify and Metropolis Group to craft yet another unique music game to be released on the iPhone. The venture is known as 8inQ and their first project is entitled Say What? The game, unlike the common runway design, has icons travel across from side to side that correspond to the lyrics of the song playing. An example given is when the word “I” is used in the song, an icon of an eye will appear across the screen and you will required to tap that. Say What? will release in the UK on July 20, with an American date not yet set.

[Via GameInformer]

Top 5 Sonic Characters I Want To See Die

Our second Top 5 list in celebration for Sonic’s 20th anniversary is the characters that I absolutely hate and want to see dead. Sonic’s been around for a while and has a lot of furry friends so this should be easy.

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Top 5 Best Sonic The Hedgehog Games

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, we’ve decided to make four “Top 5″ lists about our favorite blue Hedgehog. The first being his best games. Check it out

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Back to the Future Episode 3: Citizen Brown Review

I swear, time and time again, Telltale Games continues to impress me with their Back to the Future episodic series. Each time I finish an episode, I slap myself for ever having doubted the adaption to one of the greatest sci-fi franchises back when it was announced last June. Is Citizen Brown worth slapping myself for?

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Where They Stand Now: Naughty Bear

Naughty Bear was an original title developed by Artificial Mind And Movement. The game’s plot centers around a homicidal teddy bear who seeks revenge for not being invited to a birthday party.  If you remember my review on the game, you may remember me praising it and claiming it wasn’t that bad of a game. One year later, we take a look back to see Where Naughty Bear stands now.

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Interview With A Beatshaper

In an email interview, I asked Alexey Menshikov, founder and CEO of Beatshapers, a few questions concerning the PSN breach and how it has affected Beatshapers’ sales revenue. We also discussed new information concerning StarDrone DLC and their plans for the future

iGo Gaming: How has this PSN breach affected your sales revenue?

Alexey Menshikov: Our publishing part of business had an impact, and now, 3 weeks after its become more significant which is quite sad.

We [are] still optimistic and will work close with Sony to help recover PSN customers loyalty and interest to PSN, more hard work ahead for sure.
iGG: How has Sony helped you recover your losses?
AM: Nope and they would not: as our licensing agreement do not mean this.
iGG: Will your future downloadables games be multi-platform because of this outage? Will you also consider disc-based titles to avoid a strong hit to your sales revenue in case this happens again?
AM: Well new IP, which we [are] working on, will be multi-platform game for PSN as primary platform and also iOS and maybe PC.
iGG: Any StarDrone DLC on the way?

AM: Definitely, yes.

Right now, we are focused on StarDrone NGP version, which will feature more levels and DLC which will be included to PS3 version as well.
We also considering special challenge game modes to increase re-playability and some simplificaton tricks – unfortunately, many players think that game is too hard, so we about to implement easy/casual mode.
iGG: Any info you can share about the DLC and/or new IP?
AM: Not yet but closer to E3 maybe
The PSN is now back online in all regions except Japan.

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